Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arbonne "Calm" Skin Care Line

Edit:  At the bottom of the post I have included before and after photos to show the changes in my skin's complexion and texture.

Video Credit: Arbonne International

So, this week at GTC, Arbonne released a phenomenal new skin care line, called "Calm." It is formulated for dry or sensitive skin with soothing botanicals like aloe Vera, cucumber, licorice, and chamomile, among others. I was so excited about this new line, since I suffer from dry skin, and many of Arbonne's products are too rich for my sensitive skin. So since I have one of the first sets that have been released to the public, I'm going to give you my initial impressions of the new line.

The packaging is gender neutral and very clean. The boxed set comes in a nice presentation, with a cover that flips up to reveal the product. There are only four pieces in this set, which for younger users, is a great thing. There are fewer steps, less to worry about and less to irritate your sensitive skin - I'm definitely excited about that!

Let's dig right into the products.

The first step is the Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser. I first used this cleanser yesterday afternoon, right after getting back from GTC to get ready for my wedding. Since the conference is in Las Vegas, NV, my skin naturally is overly dry. After using the metered pump, another feature of Arbonne's products that I love, I started washing my face. Immediately, my skin felt calmed and cooled. The cleanser, like so many of Arbonne's products, spreads easily, and foams just enough to really invigorate your skin while you are cleansing. The cleanser removed all of my makeup, including water proof mascara. It rinsed off very easily. After washing, my skin felt clean, refreshed, but not stripped. The balance of cleansing and nurturing was very nice.

The second step is the Calm Soothing Facial Serum. I really loved this step. The bottle is very reminiscent of an old apothecary bottle. It has a dropper, which again provides a metered amount that is the perfect amount to cover your face and neck. This step really helped to relieve any lingering tightness that normally occurs after any cleansing. Again, the product really spread easily to all the areas it needed to cover. This serum was formulated to create and protect a natural moisture barrier for your face, which will keep you feeling hydrated all day long. I also noticed that my skin's texture dramatically improved after only a few uses.

The third step is the Calm Gentle Daily Moisturizer. My skin soaked this right up! Its non greasy, light formula can be used any time of day to relieve dryness without feeling heavy on your skin. I love the smell and texture of the moisturizer. A lot of times moisturizers feel too heavy or create a greasiness on my face that makes me break out later. This one was just the right amount of moisture in all the right places while not feeling too heavy in the parts that don't need as much moisture. I used it all over my face, except for right around my eyes.

Possibly my favorite part of the process is the last step, the Calm Soothing Eye Gel. It comes in a great little package, again, which is a tube with a roller ball on the end for application, which removes the need to use your fingers, which may still have the regular moisturizer remaining. Often people will apply an eye cream incorrectly and add extra moisturizer around their eyes because of this which can cause extra puffiness. This applicator is great because you just roll it directly on the skin around your eyes. The initial sensation is very cooling, so I try to only apply it in a circle which goes about a quarter to half an inch away from my actual eyeball. Theand effects naturally spread throughout the eye area because of the natural moisture qualities that the skin around your eyes possess.

Update: 6 days later:  for the first time in years, I have almost perfectly clear skin.  I actually went without makeup to work one day this week!!  I will post before and after photos eventually!

Before photo: taken the first day of GTC. (I'm the one on the right! ;) On the left is Arbonne's Peter Matravers - Senior VP of Product Development)  My skin was incredibly dry from the Las Vegas heat.  Over-dryness results in the skin producing too much natural oil, leading to shininess. 

Afters: A few weeks ago at the local farmer's market.  (Again, I'm the one on the right)

And taken yesterday: my new beautiful, calm skin.  Please comment below if you would like to place an order.  :)


  1. Dear Cassie,

    I'm thinking about purchasing Arbonne Calm line products. Could you please post before & after photos? It would help me decide. Thank you!

    1. Hi Anell,
      If you would like more info about Arbonne's Calm line or would like to place an order, please send me an email & I can help you with that. My email is and my Arbonne ID is 115504462. I would love to assist you! I know you will LOVE the Calm line! It has quickly become our best seller.

  2. Dear readers: I have posted some before and after photos at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

  3. Can you use the serum alone as a moisturizer? I think I am breaking out from the calm moisturizer and thought the serum aloneight be lighter. Also, how does this serum differ from the RE9 serum?

    1. Personally, I had a break out problem from the RE9 serum. I would suggest cutting the serum before I cut the moisturizer.. that seemed to help my problem when I had it with RE9.

      As I didn't have a breakout with Calm, I can't say for sure. You might try cutting one out for a few weeks (that's typically how long it takes your skin to adjust to a new skin care regiment), and then the next few weeks try it the other way. Then use whichever formulation worked the best.

      Also, make sure you're getting enough Vitamin E! Especially during the summer time :)

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